Artist Residency

July – October 2014

For this four month residency, I was inspired to further explore the themes of history and architecture with the Town Hall as my central focus.

The Town Hall holds many diverse memories, ranging from the Suffragettes storming a public meeting in 1913, royalty waving from the balcony, the accused waiting in the basement cells to be taken before the Court, through to the Top Twenty Club hosting live music and dancing in the 1960’s. These references are synthesized in an ornamental ceramic chandelier, using colours influenced by the magnificent stained glass windows found throughout the building and in my studio, the Clerk’s Office. Also featured are porcelain fragmentary pieces of the buildings’ patina, captured and created by impressing the real fabric of the Town Hall – walls, floors and architectural details – with clay.

As I was keen to show work in the basement holding cells, I also created a wallpaper installation specifically for this space.  The interactive hanging brings domestic decoration to the cells that have held the accused, waiting to be brought before the Court. A window through these restrictive walls provides a view of Trowbridge Town Park and the freedom it represents can be reflected upon, as it comes to life when the viewer dons a pair of anaglyph glasses.

These pieces are now permanently housed in the Town Hall.